Bridle Leather


Bridle leather is a vegetable tanned cowhide, hand finished with beeswax, tallow and fat.  The tanning process uses only natural products without synthetic chemicals and is therefore ecologically sound, safeguarding the environment.

The vegetable tanning process, using traditional methods is long and slow to produce high quality leather.  GLENROYAL products are produced using only the highest grade of Bridle leather.

A white bloom often appears on the surface of the bridle leather.  This is an effect of the tallow, wax and fat hand worked into the leather during  the dressing stage of the leather, and is your guarantee of a high quality hand finished bridle.  These ingredients serve to preserve and protect the leather.  The bloom can be easily turned into a high sheen by buffing with a clean soft brush or rubbing with a clean soft cloth.

Producing these characteristics has the happy coincidence of creating beautiful classic and enduring good looks.  When combined with a leather that is not only beautiful to look at but natural and safe to use every day, it is a combination that is not, in our opinion, surpassed elsewhere in the leather trade.

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